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Listings of Toronto Area Bakeries for Weddings, Bar & Bat Mitzvahs & other Jewish Lifecycle Events

My Zaidy’s is a bakery that will please your Zaidy, your Bubby, your kids and your friends. My Zaidy’s has long been satisfying customers in its Thornhill and Richmond Hill locations with: perfect challas for Shabbat, fresh bagels for brunch, treats for school lunches or that special dessert for company. Now opening a third location on Bathurst north of Lawrence.

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A wedding cake is an important nuptual symbol, and often a focal point at a wedding reception. Cakeline wedding cakes always enhance any wedding display, and provide further delight when served to the guests. Guests are constantly being pleasantly surprised when they discover that Cakeline cakes taste as delicious as they are beautiful. Chef Cynthia works with her clients to customize their wedding cake to suit their particular needs. The same attention to detail is given to Cakeline special occasion cakes. Chef Cynthia creates personalized cakes to suit any theme. Even though there is often reluctance to cut into such beautiful works of art, once the cake is served and eaten, people are delighted by the wonderful taste.

Chantilly offers a large selection of pastries, specialty cakes and baked goods.

Colette has delivered cakes throughout America, Europe, and the Caribbean and has created cakes for many celebrities, including Sting, Natasha Richardson, Bette Midler, Whoopi Goldberg,

The Official G.T.A. Bar / Bat Mitzvah Mini Donut Supplier! AWESOME!

A wedding cake is the centerpiece of your reception, and is one of the first things guests see as they arrive. So the first glimpse of the wedding cake is a very dramatic and beautiful moment. Wedding cake is also one of the last items served at a wedding reception, and guests take the memory of the cake with them. But most important is the beautiful tradition of the cake cutting ceremony, which symbolizes the couple’s commitment to sharing a life with each other. Enchanted Wedding Cakes offers many elegant designs from which to choose, and also welcomes the chance to create a completely new design with your desires in mind. Whether you select buttercream, rolled fondant or bittersweet chocolate ganache to finish your cake, I am here to assist you and to ensure that you enjoy the planning process.