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When you’re inviting your closest family and friends to attend an important event, holiday party, birthday, or ceremony, not just any mass-made greeting will do. Invitations to weddings, bar and bat mitzvahs, brises, and other important milestone events should be personalized to reflect your personal style and mark the importance of your special day.

Papyrus, with net sales of EUR 1 896 million in 2010, is one of Europe’s leading merchants in paper, facility supplies and industrial packaging. Papyrus currently has a presence in 22 European countries and employs some 2 700 people. Papyrus supports more than 65 000 customers by supplying a wide assortment of graphical paper, office paper, packaging products and consumables. All the things that contribute to an efficient, profitable business.

Encore Studios, sometimes referred to as the Grand Dame of invitation designers, has been a trusted name for discriminating clients since 1979. We are well known for attention to detail and speed, and take our reputation seriously. All of our designers, typesetters, printing, and distribution facilities are all under one roof in Clifton, New Jersey, ensuring the utmost in quality control and service. Encore Studios is known for it’s traditional printing of unsurpassed quality. Thermography, engraving, letterpress, embossing, foil stamping, and silk screening give our clients a wide variety of options.

The story of Pistachio began with a simple idea

Invitations — Canadian U.S. & Custom Designs

Oblation Papers & Press is defined by exceptional quality, simplicity, and style. As an unconventional destination, we are a favorite of our local community and worldwide travelers. Explore the history and romance of our old-world processes in our urban paper mill, letterpress print shop, and retail boutiques.

With high-style modern designs and sumptuous materials, we have revitalized the centuries old art form of letterpress printing. Our collection of letterpress wedding invitations, letterpress invitations, letterpress stationery and designer paper products features custom artwork that reflects the most current trends in the world of design and fashion, transforming stationery into a chic personal accessory.

Individualized invitations are handcrafted just for your event. Inscribe them with personalized messages that let your future guests know how much you value their company and your relationship. Stationary artists are experts at designing beautiful invitations to compliment your event’s theme and composing words with meaning and value to you. Those who receive high-quality personalized invitations treasure them and they are often kept as mementos, decorations, or scrapbook entries. Perhaps you have a favourite colour scheme, flower, bird, or font. Or you’re planning a beachside ceremony, a baby shower, or a graduation party. Maybe you haven’t started to think about your wedding’s theme yet at all. Now is the best time to find a style that you love, maybe a rustic, vintage, or classic aesthetic that can carry over into the event. Invitations are often the guests’ first notice of the good news or clue about an event’s theme. Beautiful and unique invitations are a good way to generate initial excitement about an event. In this day and age of social media, we so often forget the joy we feel when we receive something we can hold in our hands. An important life milestone should not be only a Facebook event. Handcrafted invitations demonstrate to someone that we are thinking of them, and taking the time and effort to reach out to them, which in this busy world, is so much more difficult than the click of a button or a touch of a screen. Our stationary professional listings from the Greater Toronto Area provide you with a wide range of options for customization from paper stock to borders, and seals to envelopes, layouts and graphics. Ensure that those who mean the most to you really know it when they open your beautiful personalized invitation.