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When it comes to special events, the devil is in the details. From flower arrangements, place settings, and music selections to invitations, food, and party favours, it’s vital that every detail be planned and in its place at the right time. There’s little worse than a last minute missing ring crisis at the moment you say your vows. All of these little details that don’t seem important on their own add up to help your event run smoothly.

Event Concierge. When time is in short supply, I can offer mine. A whole new approach to event planning.

Our truly service-oriented approach ensures that your event is as unique as you are! Taking your occasion from cookie-cutter to couture is what we do best! By making a plan and executing it flawlessly, we bring your vision to life with insight, passion and creativity! It is our business to set trends, to know what

EVENTing YOUR DAY is a full service event company which prides itself on its unique, innovative and unforgettable events

From an intimate affair to a fabulous f

Rachel Lefkowitz is an Event Planner specializiing in Jewish and frum weddings. Whether you require ‘Day of wedding services’ or ‘Full wedding planning’, Rachel provides meticulous attention to every last detail, superb organization, and a stress-free experience for your dream wedding.

In our busy modern lives, few of us have a moment alone to relax, much less plan an entire event from start to finish. Organizing all of the details and staying on schedule is a daunting task to an amateur event planner. It can quickly become more than a little stressful, and by the time the big day actually arrives, you might find yourself too burnt out by all of the last minute scrambling to enjoy the fruits of your labour. Even well meaning friends and family members can’t always lend enough help to get all of the decorations, meal preferences, and seating arrangements in order on time. That’s where the event planning professionals step in. Before you let yourself become overwhelmed by stress and chicken or fish decisions, allow event planners to do all of the heavy lifting for you. Event planners love to sweat the small stuff. They revel in all of the little details that many of us miss but that dramatically enhance an event’s atmosphere and ultimately bring it all together. Event planners make it their business to bring you the event that you envision but might not have the time or resources to pull off by yourself. Why settle for a lacklustre, cobbled-together event when you could have a spectacular one? Our listings of event planning companies in the Greater Toronto Area include professionals who specialize in Jewish celebrations. Although every ceremony the world over is unique, so many of our traditions and rituals differ from standard Toronto events. It’s important that the person running the show has a deep understanding of these must-have features. For less stress on your big day, browse through our event planning professionals.