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The birth of a new baby is always a cause for celebration. The first few years of a baby’s life are formative, and every early experience is important. For most raised to follow Jewish traditions, the most essential part of a baby boy’s first few days is the bris milah. It’s important for families to share this wonderful, transformative tradition together in the way that best complies with their beliefs, practices, and values.

Inviting a mohel into your home for this intimate occasion requires absolute trust and communication about your expectations and needs. It’s essential to choose a mohel who is expertly trained in the practice of brit milah, both in its medical and religious aspects. To ensure the best experience for your newborn and to comply with traditional laws, it’s vital that your mohel knows about the latest surgical and sterilization procedures and adheres to the practices with which you feel comfortable. Whether you’re Reform, Conservative, Orthodox, or any other branch of Judaism, there are a variety of mohelim from which to choose. Our selections of Greater Toronto Area mohelim are trained in both Jewish traditions and medical practices. The specifics and preferences of a bris ceremony vary widely among Jewish people so it’s vital that your mohel performs the ritual in a way that you’re comfortable with. Keep in mind that some mohelim are more doctor than rabbi while some are the opposite. Female mohalot are also increasingly available as are mohel who will practice in locations outside of the temple. Consider your preferences and beliefs before making a decision. According to Jewish tradition, brises are an important mitzvah with a tremendous spiritual impact on the child. Therefore, it’s vital that mohelim respect and follow Jewish law so that they have the right intentions when performing the bris. Whichever way you choose to perform your son’s bris, whether it’s held in a synagogue, in the home, or at another location or with a male or female mohel, be sure that it starts your son’s life in a way that feels authentic and right for you and your family.