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Some moments simply cannot be captured in a still frame. Stomping on the glass that marks your lifelong commitment, the excitement in your child’s face as they celebrate stepping into adulthood with their friends, or reaffirming your relationship with a dance at an anniversary celebration – there is something special about seeing the beautiful movement of these moments captured on video.

Customized, professional videos and
reliable service since 1983.

Our studio provides dynamic and creative Photography and Video for Weddings and Bar / Bat Mitzvahs. We capture the emotion, excitement and beauty of all your special moments. Many packages to suit your needs.

Traditional celebrations encourage everyone from our family members to our closest friends to participate, helping the newlyweds or the new man or woman to be strong in their convictions and receive comfort from their community. Without the support of those who mean the most to us, little in our lives could succeed. All of the faces, all of the dances and rituals and embraces are where we draw strength when we need it most, and these are the memories that stay with us for years after the day has passed. Videographers provide us with a narrative of our events from start to finish, another little piece of our day that goes by only too quickly. Amid nerves and excitement and all of the butterflies in our stomach, it can be difficult to focus on anything much less all of the beautiful details that makes our event joyous. Videographers give customers a different perspective with new memories and moments that they will treasure for a lifetime. Our listings of videographers from around the Greater Toronto Area specialize in Jewish events such as weddings and bar/bat mitzvahs, giving them particular insight into the most important moments to record. Like photographers, each videographer has a unique perspective, a different way of seeing and filming events all with the ultimate goal of helping to recreate your special day. Relive the important elements of your day over and over again with the craft and cinematic presentation of a special events videographer. With artistry and subtlety, videographers capture more than just posed moments and uncomfortable or slightly awkward portraits. They get to the heart of what made your day special and pinpoint the moments that will continue to affect your life for years to come.