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Tips to Hire a DJ for Your Jewish Event


How many times have you been to an important event or celebration such as a Jewish wedding, bar mitzvah, bat mitzvah or bris party and music wasn’t played?

The answer to that question is almost certainly “none.” Music is an integral part of any event, providing entertainment and really setting the tone for the event that you’re throwing. Just like with the decor that’s used to decorate a venue or the theme that is chosen, the music and entertainment has a big part to play in the “identity” of an event. One of the biggest decisions you have to make with regards to the music and entertainment is whether you are going to hire a live band or whether you think a DJ would be a better choice. In recent years, with more and more contemporary style music being played at Jewish events, DJs have become more and more popular. But how do you find a DJ that is capable of making your Jewish wedding or your child’s bar mitzvah party truly memorable?

Finding a DJ for Your Event in a Few Simple Steps

A DJ not only has the responsibility of making sure the music is played perfectly throughout the night, but they often double up as the emcee and the host for the event too. With such a vital role, it’s important to choose your DJ carefully and we recommend you use the following tips during your search.

  • Build a List – The first thing you need to do is to build a list of DJs that you are potentially interested in hiring. The best place to start is by asking people in your social circles whether they’ve ever hired a DJ that operates in the local area that they would recommend. If you only get one or two names to add to your list, you would be wise to add a few more before taking it any further as it’s always best to compare several DJs before making the final decision. Google search, local phone directories and specialist online DJ directories are all good places to find more candidates.
  • Sample their Work – The best way to assess the quality of any product or service is simply to “try before you buy.” With a DJ this can be fairly simple as you could contact them and ask them if they have any events planned in the near future where you could perhaps “drop-in” to assess their work. Of course this isn’t always possible as the event they are working at could be a private event (such as a Jewish wedding, bar mitzvah celebration or a birthday party), in which case ask whether they have any video clips of events that they’ve been hired for recently.
  • Arrange a Meeting – If you like what you see, it’s time to arrange a face-to-face meeting and ask some questions. The way that they respond to these questions can help you to get a feel as to whether the DJ is a good fit for your event. You should start by asking how much experience they have and whether they’ve ever worked at the type of event that you’re going to host. You should also ask about the role that they are willing to fulfil and how they consider themselves different to other DJs.
  • Agreeing a Price – After you’ve met with several DJs, seen samples of their work and have assessed the responses they gave to your questions, you will most likely be able to single out the DJ that you would like to hire. It’s then a matter of agreeing on a price and signing a contract. A DJ will typically request a deposit to secure their services for the date you require. You should always review the contract thoroughly before putting pen to paper. Check that the date, duration of service and the fee agreed upon are all clearly displayed. The role they will fulfil at your event should also be clearly stated along with any equipment they have agreed to provide.
  • Finalize the Playlist – You need to start thinking about what type of music you would like played at your event well in advance, as many people often find this a difficult and time consuming task. You should be willing to listen to any advice and suggestions that the DJ makes too. After all they have far more experience in this area than you and likely know how to deliver the experience that you’re looking for.

As long as you choose your DJ carefully all that’s left to do is put your dancing shoes on and dance the night away without a care in the world.

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